Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take me in a time machine

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have grown up in the 60's or 70's? I often do... there's a part of me that's a strong free spirit, despite becoming more and more of a realist and less and less of an idealist as I have aged. I think in my heart I'll always be the six year old that wanted to be an artist when I grew up, or the college kid that scared her roomate because she thought that locking doors was unnecessary (if people are poor enough to steal, they must need it more than me).

Sometimes when I see pictures of people from that era, I wonder what kind of people they are now. Whether they became yuppies, or still hippies or if they were soccer moms and trophy wives and wore bumper stickers that said "my son is a honor student at ___ high school" bumper sticker. Sometimes, I wonder, if my parents had grown up in the US, whether they would have been hippies... Would they have hummed along to the Beatles, and Led Zepplin, and gone to school dances in bell bottoms and big, flowery skirts? Would they have gotten caught smoking pot in the boy's locker room, and thought they could change the world with free love, and peace?

I know this post is about to take a sharp philosophical tangent, but I feel like we, as a generation, on average, are less idealistic than our parents generation was about things. We care way too much about material possessions, money, and are way too obsessed with looking hot and not aging. If you look at the commercials on tv, every other ad is some anti-wrinkle/cellulite cream, lip plumper, butt minimizer/maximizer, diet pill/miracle weight loss inducer, and etc... All our models get photoshopped and airbrushed so that they are perfect when we see them in magazines. I totally admit, I get caught up it too, but I feel like it's a pressure that my parents or grandparents generation didn't have to deal with as much.

Also, I read a news story about how most college graduates nowadays are more interested in how much money they can make with their degree, than what they can learn (this was a survey style study, and I guess they had polled college graduates from other eras as well, and compared the answers to recent college grads)... regardless, I don't blame them. The economy is shit, and it's a totally valid concern to look out for your own future well-being. I just wish it wasn't a necessary choice- that we could offer something better to these young people who are still relatively naive- that they did not have to choose between something they want to do, and something they do to make a secure future for themselves.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Which blogs do you follow, and why?

I used to think that reading blogs of people you didn't know in real life was very strange... why not just read a book? But now I find myself expanding my ever growing list of blog reads. Recently, through links from blogs on beauty/fashion, I discovered a treasure trove of blogs devoted to financial wisdom for 20 something year olds, from investments to what banks to choose, to saving plans.... it makes me think a lot about what I could be doing to earn more money that I'm not doing. The advantage of reading a blog as opposed to reading a book, is that all that knowledge is distilled into short, easy-to-read chunks that are within the intervals of my attention span, and I enjoy the feeling of vicariously living through someone else. So I'm curious, what blogs do you read, and why?

Here are the blogs I read broken up by genre:
Personal - people I know
Humor (dating/advice)
Creative (photography/crafts/graphic design/thrifting)
Celebrity gossip (because it's a habit)

Without listing them, this list consists of some 30 or maybe 40 blogs, only less than 5 of which I check on a daily basis... the rest I will read in a clump usually if I miss a few days. Does this make me a blog reading addict?

Greatest finds from today's blog reads that I want to share with you guys:
Top 5 Android/Iphone applications to save you money - This article is so cool. Did you know, for instance, that the ShopSavvy application on android phones can scan actual barcodes and run price comparisons between stores?

$ Making money from your blog using Google Adsense - PennySense talks about her own experience using Adsense on her blog

10 places to make money online - A variety of websites that allow you to make some money, provided you have the time/skills.

Another thing that I realized while thinking about blogs is that my blog will never fall under a simple category like finance or photography, because there's never just one category of thing that I am thinking about. One week I might write about statistics, and another week I might blog about DIY craft project. I will keep this blog about a wide variety of things, hopefully a little something for everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

marriage is so scary...

So I meant to make a longer post last night, but I was too tired to write anymore.

I visited a good friend last night, who is very unhappily married to her husband of five or so years. Initially the talk was on me, about how come I haven't been dating, and etc... but then somehow it metamorphasized into something bigger and more catastrophic in nature. There was some arguing back and forth as my friend and her husband gave differing responses/advice for me with my friend saying things like "he's only saying that because you're here" or "that's not what he really thinks"... the guy kept on trying to steer the conversation back to me, lol, but my friend kept on putting the spotlight on him (admittedly he was a cheater and probably deserved all the vitriole/angst/resentment she was throwing his way), but it was just very..... uncomfortable.... Then my friend turns to me and says, "if you think being alone now is bad, it's a thousand times worse to be married and alone".


I mean I know she's right. Of course it would be. Everything I see about their marriage makes me fear for everything that could go wrong in mine one day (if). It's totally-mind-blowingly-mortifyingly-God-awfully-craptastically scary. I'm glad it's not me in her position actually, as much as I hate to say it. It just reminds me that I need to be so careful about who I let into my life, and get involved with. Even though nowadays it's relatively easy to get a divorce, it's not like divorce undoes the pain that people go through, and when you have kids, nothing can really separate you from that person. So basically, you can't undo it, ever. It's this permanent bad decision that you've made that ties you to this person, and that's like totally and completely terrifying to me.

Yeah, of course people have good marriages... people who know how to compromise and play fairly, and have relatively good heads on their shoulders, and not too much excess baggage. Those are generally the people who have good marriages.

Collectively, are our morals and values less than they used to be though? I wonder that a lot. I can't help but feel that way after reading story after story of some celebrity cheating scandal, or experiencing/hearing about it from my friends . It just seems like expectations for men are less than they used to be.

fresh(ish) fruits and veggies

So today was my box day... The day I got my very first box from Eatwell farms! For those of you who don't know, eatwell farms is a local farm in Dixon that supplies boxes of produce fresh from their farm to the local community on a membership basis.

I was looking forward to getting my box all week. That is an understatement. It was the highlight of my week... (I guess it gives you a little idea of what my weeks are like), but anyhow, I have to say that I am a little underwhelmed with what I received in my box today. There was a fair variety of greens and some fruit, but the veggies were very dirt-y. I say dirt-y, because it's supposed to be a good thing that they were just picked out of the dirt yesterday or maybe even sometime today... I mean it IS a good thing, that means they are extra fresh, right? Except that they have A LOT of dirt on them. Like so much that I'm scared even if I wash them 5 times, that I will still be eating dirt. Is it really that scary to eat dirt? Probably not. But I'm just not used to looking at my vegetables like they just took a mudbath.

We will see what I end up making this week with my nubby carrots, Asian stir fry greens, and various other veggies.....