Monday, August 16, 2010

The master blog list!!!

Sometimes people tell me that they found another blog through my blog. I wanted to make am list of all the blogs I read, and put it in one place so other people can discover new blogs too :) My blog reads span a lot of genres, which will probably will not all appeal to one person (and even I can't read all of them at once. I have to be in certain moods to read certain ones...*ahem*statistics*ahem), but here it is, by genre. The first blog in each list is the one I read the most often:

Probability And Statistics Blog
Andrew Gelman's Blog
Blog About Stats
And R Blog From All R Blogs

Sex Lies & Dating In The City (Simone's blog is the ONLY one on this list I read EVERY day without fail)
Love In the Dumps
All The Single Ladies ChicagoNow
Matty D

Money Under 30
20 Something Finance
Poorer Than You
Roubini's Ecomonitor
MSN Money Stocks Blogs
Lloyd's Investment Blog
Market Analysis

Bleubird Vintage
Promise Tangeman Her website is equally adorable
Elsie Flannigan
Thompson Family-life
Skunkboy Creatures
Lisa's Likes

Jenna's Model Life
Joseibi Not really a blog, but inspiration none the less. Lots of pretty clothes/people.
Vivawoman Singapore
Skin Deco