Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Somehow every personality questionaire I've ever filled out has always told me i'm an introvert. The more I examine myself, the more I realize I love attention and I love being around people. Maybe this is because I grew up being an only child in a family where my parents were too busy to play with me, and I had no relatives or cousins within 1000 miles to talk to or play with. I read a lot of books, cause reading is awesome and I created a lot of fantasy worlds about the kind of life I wish I had and stuff. Normal kid stuff I think. But back to my point, I think personality tests are inherently flawed. I don't see how questions like "would you rather be at a loud party or at home reading", or "would your rather have a few close friends or a lot of acquaintances" accurately measure your introversion/extroversion. I start to enjoy talking to people only when I get comfortable with them, so the better I know them the more I have to say, and the more eager I am to share things with them. So I guess I'm introverted to strangers, and extroverted with close friends.

I've also noticed other things about myself. Like I think I'm pretty socially polite; I tend to censor a lot of what I think before I say it. But I really appreciate people who are just blunt and sometimes even crass. I like people with big vibrant personalities, or on the other end of the spectrum people who are emo, goofy, edgy or quirky. People who try too hard to be cute, or are too perfect tend to annoy me. But if you just are cute that's ok. I tend to like raw, uncensored people, because there's something endearing and vulnerable about them, even though that's not the way i am. I like to talk a lot too, or I've been told, but I hate smalltalk. And I think I'm really bad at it. I like talking about humorous events in everyday life, philosophical discussion, discussions about books or ideas, creative thoughts, and to a lesser extent political discussions.


  1. "emo, goofy, edgy or quirky"-- what does 'emo' mean?

  2. good question. It is the word that holds the record for the most definitions at at 1,181.

    To me it sort of means someone who comes across as as being hip and artsy but oversensitive. The emo girl/guy wears skinny jeans with glasses, and maybe listens to sad music, or writes sad poetry and gets visibly upset by things sometimes.